Our Hospital

VetMED Veterinary Hospital Welcomes You!

At VetMED Veterinary Hospital we strive to offer state-of-the-art medicine in a caring environment. We’re passionate about saving animals and grateful for the opportunity to provide quality care for our clients’ pets.

Visit us today to help ensure your furry friends live a long and happy life!

Our veterinary hospital is well-equipped with advanced equipment and technologies to provide the highest standard of care for your pet. Our facility has the equipment to provide comprehensive in-house testing for accurate diagnosis, high-definition digital x-ray, ultrasound, surgical suite, dentistry, in-house pharmacy, and more.

At VetMED Veterinary Hospital we are committed to providing quality care at every stage of your pet’s life. From routine preventive care for your pets to early detection and treatment of a wide range of conditions, diseases and surgical care, we have the expertise to provide the care your pet needs at every stage of their life.

Our Promise

At VetMED Veterinary Hospital we are animal lovers through and through! This is why we can’t help treating your pet as if they were our very own little guy or gal.

One of the special reasons why over 5,000 Bay City pet owners call VetMED their family veterinarian is because our team spends the time. Life has become so busy, and the last thing we need is to be rushed through the veterinary hospital like another nameless number. Even imagining this makes us cringe!

Our pledge is that whenever you have a problem or a question we will be there as a member of your family’s team…your trusted pet’s doctor who will spend the time you need to help make things as simple and easy for you and your pet as possible. This is our promise to you, your pet, and to ourselves.