Our Veterinary Clinic Team

Our Team

Kara C. – Practice Manager

Kara has been working on and off at VetMED since June 2009. She recently rejoined the team in August 2018 and accepted the position as the practice manager in January 2019. Her favorite part about veterinary medicine is that by caring for someone’s pet, she can become a small part of their the clients family. Veterinary medicine is constantly changing, and Kara enjoys that there is always something new to learn and so many opportunities to grow. Kara’s mother also works as a manager in another veterinary clinic, so veterinary medicine runs in her blood! Her favorite thing about VetMED is the culture. She loves working with her coworkers, and she loves the quality of care that her team provides for patients and clients. At home, Kara has a variety of animals: a small farm of chickens, ducks, an indoor bird, dogs, and cats. Outside of work, Kara loves to go to the movies. She also enjoys kayaking, cooking, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Sarah A. – Office Manager

Sarah joined VetMED in January 2021. She enjoys being surrounded by passionate and driven team members. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is helping to make sure the pets are healthy and their owners are happy! She has a son, a bearded dragon (Chez), a dog (Kiara), and a cat (Vicky). When she is not at the office, you can find her hiking outdoors, or shopping around town!


Laura A. – Customer Service

Laura has been with the VetMed team since February 2015, but has been working in the veterinary field since 2006. She loves working at VetMed because of the comradery among all the coworkers. She loves working in veterinary medicine because she loves the clients. She enjoys seeing the transformation from a worried client with a sick pet, to a confident client with answers and a pet with a plan and medication to make them feel better. Outside of work, Laura has a cat that she rescued in 2016 named Mr. Big. She also enjoys volunteering at her church office, babysitting her grandkids, reading, quilting and sewing.

Michelle W. – Customer Service

Michelle joined the VetMED team in August 2020 and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at U of M. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is the ability to help and save animals that cannot help themselves. She loves that the veterinary team can diagnose a pet without the pet telling them what is wrong. She loves the supportive staff at VetMED and the opportunity to help animals every day. At home, she lives with her fiancé Beau and two coonhounds: Duke and Ranger. Outside of work, she likes to paint, draw, travel, play with her two dogs, and nap.


Josie M. – LVT, Lead Technician

Josie has been a member​ of the VetMED team since May 2015. She loves everything about veterinary medicine. She loves helping animals in need, so being in the veterinary field allows her to continue to learn and do different things every day. Her favorite thing about working at VetMED is the opportunities she gets to grow as an LVT and the culture among her coworkers. She currently lives with her husband, Zach and their two cats Kiwi and Cheetos. Outside of work, Josie enjoys reading, scrapbooking, going to concerts, and learning more about veterinary anesthesia.

Patty S. – LVT

Patty started in April 2019. She absolutely loves veterinary medicine. She loves the feeling she gets when she can provide quality care to a pet and owner. She loves the clients she gets to meet, and to be able to watch the pet(s) grow and become close with the clients. She likes that at VetMED she gets to be in surgery, but also work with the clients during outpatient appointments. She has a variety of pets at home including a lizard, goat, rabbits, a bird, and dogs. Outside of work, she loves traveling and exploring new places. She also enjoys working in other aspects of veterinary medicine that are offered at other clinics.

Emily C. – LVT

Emily started at VetMed in March 2019 and has loved it ever since! She likes the culture at the practice because it is positive and focuses on providing the best possible medicine with the patient’s best interests in mind. Her favorite part about veterinary medicine is helping solve the mystery/puzzle of a medical case, and ultimately making life better for an animal and its pet parent. Emily has a 3 year old daughter named Ryan. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter at the park and the library. She also enjoys spending time with her friends + their little ones, reading romance novels, starting her own seeds and growing her vegetable garden, and listening to music.

Brittney S. – LVT

Brittney started with VetMED in September 2019, and received her LVT in January 2020. She loves every aspect of vet medicine. There are so many things she loves about working at VetMED, but she especially loves how dedicated the team is to the clients and patients; providing the best medicine possible at all times. What drives her passion is being able to provide a voice for animals, and knowing she can change the world for that animal. Outside of work, Brittney has three dogs (Diesel, Dixie and Ruby), and a cat named Oliver. She loves to go camping and participate in family-fun activities with her kids and family.

Randi R. – LVT

Randi joined the VetMED team in November 2020. She graduated as an LVT in 2015 from Baker Cadillac. Veterinary medicine is her passion. She loves working at VetMED because she is surrounded by kind and hardworking co-workers. She enjoys working with a team who shares her passion, as well as high standards to provide the best veterinary medicine. Her favorite focus area is animal behavior. She enjoys working with all of the animals that come into the clinic, especially the more challenging ones. Randi has two dogs (Maleficent & Akela), and two cats (Meeko & Pocahontas). Outside of the office, she enjoys going to concerts, spending time with her friends, family and her pets. Hiking, training and competing in Disc, Barn Hunt and protection/bite sport training. Request a Behavior Consult Appointment


Ashley R. – Veterinary Assistant

Ashley has been a member of the VetMED team since June 2016. For Ashley, the best thing about veterinary medicine is the difference that she gets to make in the lives of pets and their family by providing high quality care. She also likes that things are constantly changing, so she gets to learn something new every day. Her favorite thing about VetMED is the genuine care there is for the patients, clients, and team members. She currently owns a miniature pinscher/rat terrier mix named Dakota and two cats; Cherry and Baby Squeek. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys swimming, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Delaney H. – Vet Tech

Delaney started in November 2019. She graduated from Stauzenberger College and is hoping to receive her license in Vet Tech in 2020. She loves how great everyone on the VetMED team treats each other. She says that there is an overwhelming feeling of family at VetMed. She believes the most important part of her job is to put the patients first, and that is in line with everything that VetMed believes. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is the satisfaction she receives when she can help save a pet’s life. It is a feeling she will never forget. Outside of work, Delaney has two dogs, Ace and Bella, and a cat Johnny. She enjoys any and all things in nature including tending to her garden, which she is incredibly proud of, and camping with her family and friends.

Victoria A. – Surgical/Veterinary Assistant

Victoria became a part of the VetMed family in July 2019. She is currently attending Saginaw Valley State University for her degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. After graduation, she plans to attend MSU for her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Her favorite thing about VetMed is her access to the techs and doctors. They are all very helpful and she has learned so much from her experience working with them. They are also fun to be around and everyone finds a way to make sure all are enjoying the job. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is the variety in cases and diagnostics. Working in the field like she is allows her to learn so much and grow in her own skills as a future vet. Outside of work, Victoria has 2 sassy pups; Josie and Lucy. She enjoys spending time with her family and enjoys hiking, biking, and exploring the beautiful state of Michigan.

Erikah R. – Vet Assistant

Erikah started at VetMED in June of 2020 and she is studying to be a Vet Tech at Penn Foster. She loves the compassionate staff at VetMED and the opportunity to help animals and their humans. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her dog, Diesel, who is her whole world. She also enjoys dancing and horseback riding.

Hannah S. – Vet Assistant

Hannah started at VetMED in October 2020. She attended Alma College and SVSU for Creative Writing. On a whim, she decided to apply to work here, and has fallen in love with veterinary medicine ever since! She enjoys working with a team of caring and passionate people, who care about their clients, patients and one another. The VetMED team is like a second family to her. Hannah loves assisting in surgeries, dentals, and dermatology. She loves being able to help a pet heal, and help the pet parents take care of their fur family members. At home, Hannah has a cat named Blanche, two guinea pigs named Pearl & Dan, and a sunfish named D’Artagnan (Dart for short). When she’s not at work, she enjoys reading and writing, while also spending time with her pets. She has recently got into watching hockey! When the Michigan weather behaves, she often goes roller skating!